Software To Enhance Mac Interaction With ODBC Databases Updated

August Software has announced an update to ODBC OverDRIVER for ODBC Router. ODBC Router is software that is designed to make it easier to use ODBC-compliant databases on the Mac. ODBC OverDRIVER is the component that allows individual machines on the network to interface with ODBC Router. The new version includes performance enhancements. According to August Software:

August Software, today announced the shipment of an updated release of ODBC OverDRIVER for ODBC Router for Macintosh. ODBC ROUTER is software that enables all of your Macs (and PCs) to tap virtually any database using Windows ODBC drivers installed on a Windows NT/2000/XP Server.

ODBC ROUTER eliminates the need to find, purchase and support database-specific software and drivers for every user or Web server saving big money, increasing security and improving consistency in your network. Prepare for SQLServer XP, ORACLE 9, SYBASE 12 and virtually every other ODBC-compatible database system by adding ODBC ROUTER to your network today!

Available now at the companyis ODBC ROUTER Web site, the new Macintosh ODBC OverDRIVER contains additional support to enhance ODBC access in the MacOS versions of MS-Office, File Maker Pro and other ODBC-aware applications.

You can find more information on ODBC Router at August Softwareis Web site. ODBC OverDRIVER is a free product for those who have an ODBC Router on their TCP/IP or AppleTalk network. ODBC Router is priced at US$99 per (simultaneous) user.