Software Updating Service Adds CD Tracking

Insider Software has added CDs-on-Demand functionality to UpdateAgent. The updating service now tracks CD versions of updated software. According to Insider Software:

Insider Software today added CDs-on-Demand to its Insider UpdateAgent software updating service for Macintosh computers. In addition to online Internet access, users can now request an up-to-the minute snapshot of all updaters available from over 2,000 software publishers and have them sent the next business day.

While the online version of Insider UpdateAgent is the best solution for many Internet users, the CD version of the service is particularly helpful for system administrators, consultants and others managing multiple Macintosh systems.

End users will also find the UpdateAgent CD service an effective time saver.

Customers purchasing CD versions receive a full set of updaters from over 2,000 Macintosh developers. They also receive UpdateAgent software that automatically scans a Macintosh to discover the versions of applications installed on the system, then determine which updaters are required to make the system current. Users can then specify which updaters they wish to install. At the same time, users can access Insideris Internet-based updating service.

UpdateAgent CD-on-Demand is available for US$89.95, including a year of online access. You can find more information at the Insider Software Web site.