Solarian II: Back on the Mac for Mac OS X

Stick Software has announced that Solarian II has been brought into the modern age of the Mac. Solarian II is an -arcade style space shooter, and the company has ported the classic Mac game to Mac OS X. From Stick Software:

Stick Software announced version 1.1 of Solarian II, the classic Mac video game. Solarian II was one of the first games out for the color Macintoshes introduced in 1988, and swept the gaming world, winning awards and accolades; but it has not been able to run on OS X because Classic couldnit handle it. Now, by popular demand, Solarian II has been ported to OS X and re-released!

Version 1.1 of Solarian II requires OS X 10.3 to run. It is very faithful to the original; all the old sounds are there (but with their hiss and static cleaned up), all the old graphics are there (but it will now run at any resolution, in thousands or millions of colors), and the gameplay is exactly the same. Just the way you remember it.

You can find more information and download links for Solarian II at Stick Softwareis Web site. The game is priced at US$10, and a trial is also available.