Solitaire All Night Long, Baby!

Semicolon Software has released a major update to their popular time-waster, Solitaire Till Dawn. The new version features improved graphics, enhanced playability options, and six new games, giving users even more ways to procrastinate and be unproductive. According to Semicolon Software:

Solitaire Till Dawn is a collection of 40 different solitaire card games in a single convenient program.

The games in Solitaire Till Dawn offer something for everybody. The all-time favorite solitaires are included, such as Klondike, Canfield, Free Cell, Golf, Pyramid, Spider, and Forty Thieves. There are games for children and games for deep thinkers. There are even a few games specially designed for computer play, including two (Tabby Cat and Manx) that were created expressly for Solitaire Till Dawn.

Solitaire Till Dawn includes attractive full-color artwork from artists Jeremy Nelson of Stairways Shareware, Kodiak of Eclectic Platypus Studios, Corey Marion of The Icon Factory, and others. Players can choose from among many different card designs, window background patterns, and card formats.

Solitaire Till Dawnis unique "Card Shark" options streamline and simplify play by offering intelligent aid to the player. The Card Shark options include: "Smart Cards" that fly to their destinations with a single click; early win notification so you can skip the tedium of dragging every last card to the goal; notification when you become stuck; and automatic play of cards to the goals. Players can turn these options on or off to suit their tastes, and set defaults for particular solitaires or for all solitaires.

Solitaire Till Dawn is available for US$20. You can find more information at the Semicolon Software web site.