Solitaire Game Features REALbasic Programming

REALbasic University has released a new game for the Mac, RBU Pyramid. The solitaire style game was designed to demonstrate REALbasic programming. RBU Pyramid features support for 68K through OS X Macs. According to REALbasic University:

REALbasic University, the online programming tutorial column published by and REALbasic Developer magazine, is pleased to announce the immediate availability of RBU Pyramid, a free solitaire card game for 68K Macs, Mac OS, Mac OS X.

RBU Pyramid was created as a demonstration of REALbasicis power and ease-of-use. It features great gameplay, unlimited undos, a customizable background, handy shortcuts, a high score list, and integrated online help. The complete source for the game is also available for students and interested programmers.

You can find more information about the RBU Pyramid game at the Web site. RBU Pyramid is available as freeware.