Some Apple Stores Will Show Simulcast Of April 28th's Media Event

Some Apple Store locations will be showing the satellite feed of April 28this media event for the company. The media event is expected to focus on the unveiling of Appleis reported new online music service. Apple has not specified what the event will be for, but did say that "[Apple] will be bringing music to your ears" in the invitation given to the press. Mainstream media outlets have been reporting that the event will indeed feature a new Apple branded online music service.

TMO confirmed with Apple that many of the Apple Stores will be showing the event on in-store screens. We were not able to get a list of which stores would be doing so, but checking with your local Apple Store should get you that information. You can find contact information for all the Apple Stores at Appleis retail Web site.

Appleis Santa Clara Apple Store (Valley Fair) sported a sign in the entry promoting their showing.

The event will be taking place at 10:00 AM PDT at the Moscone Center. TMO will be there to cover the event.