Some MacBooks Showing Discoloration

Enough owners of Appleis new MacBook are reporting discoloration around the trackpad that a Web site, stainedBook, has been created to document the issue. No one knows exactly what is causing some MacBooks to discolor, but some people are speculating that it is related to the high temperatures the laptop operates at. Others say thatis not the case, since some of the staining appears in cooler parts of the computer case.

The Sydney Morning Herald tracked down some related discussion threads on Appleis support site. In one, a user notes that the they yellowish marks began appearing after only three weeks of use.

A discolored MacBook.

stainedBook reports that attempts to clean the stains off of affected MacBooks is unsuccessful, and that some users have permanently damaged their computer while using abrasive cleansers or acetone-based products to remove the marks.

This issue, along with the MacBook Prois swelling battery problem, has some Mac owners questioning the quality of Appleis Intel-based portable computers.

To date, Apple has not acknowledged the MacBook discoloration issue.

[MacBook image courtesy of stainedBook]