Sonnet Announces New 512MB Piccolo USB Flash Drive, Price Cuts On Other Models

Sonnet Technologies, maker of numerous upgrade cards for various Mac models, has announced the release of a new 512MB Piccolo. Sonnetis Piccolo is a line of USB Flash drives that can be connected to any USB enabled Mac or PC. In addition to the new model, Sonnet has dropped the price on lower capacity Piccolo drives. From Sonnet:

Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh computers, announces its latest addition to the Piccolo line of USB flash drives, the Piccolo 512MB Piccolo connects to any USB port, providing convenient plug-and-play storage. It is used like any removable media and is cross-platform compatible with any computer that has a standard USB connection, including most Macs and Windows PCs. Portable and reliable, itis about the size of a AA battery, and has no moving parts. Piccolo is a great medium for moving files between systems or for keeping information secure. Despite its small physical size, the new Piccolo 512MB is big enough to carry presentations, financial reports, music, photos, and much more.

The computer sees Piccolo as a drive once it is plugged into any USB port, including Sonnet?s Tango 2.0, and Tempo Trio. On a Macintosh or Windows PC it mounts and appears on the desktop with no further user interaction, and can be written to or read from like any other volume. The Piccolo draws needed power from its host computer and requires no cables, diskettes, discs, readers, adapters or batteries.

The 512MB Piccolo Flash Drive is available now. Piccolo drives start at US$34.95 for the 32MB model. You can find more information about this and other products at Sonnetis Web site.