Sonnet Debuts PodFreq mini for iPod mini

Sonnet Technologies, Inc. announced late Tuesday the PodFreq mini, an FM transmitter, integrated dock and protective case for iPod mini.

The PodFreq mini (shown in the photo at the bottom of this story) broadcasts music to a nearby car, home, or portable FM radio. It connects to the iPod mini through its dock connector. Users can then tune and broadcast to any clear station between 88.1MHz and 107.9MHz using up/down tuning buttons and a built-in, backlit display. Additionally, the telescoping antenna transmits a clear signal for a longer distance.

The PodFreq mini includes a flip stand and integrates FireWire and mini-USB 2.0 ports. Users can connect to their computer to sync and transfer files, and charge their iPod mini without needing to remove it from PodFreq mini. The top half of PodFreq mini protects the display, leaving accessible the click wheel, hold switch, and headphone jack.

The device requires no batteries, taking its power from the iPod mini. In the car, the PodFreq mini can be attached to any car mount system using the included cradle.

The PodFreq mini, at US$99.95, is expected to ship in July and includes a car charger, car cradle, USB 2.0 cable, soft carrying pouch, and a telescoping antenna.