Sonnet Drops Prices For G3 And G4 Upgrades

Sonnet Technologies has announced price drops across its G3 and G4 product line. The price drops range from US$50 to US$200, with most of them sitting at US$100. According to Sonnet:

Sonnet Technologies lowers prices by as much as $200 on G3 and G4 processor upgrades. Through these substantial and competitive price reductions, Sonnet Technologies sets the best price/performance standard for G3 and G4 processor upgrades. Sonnetis new lower prices are as follows:

Crescendo/7200 G3 400/512K $299.95 (was $399.95)
Crescendo/7200 G3 400/1M $399.95 (was $499.95)
Crescendo/7200 G4 400/1M $499.95 (was $599.95)

Sonnetis full line for Crescendo/7200 G3 and G4 PCI cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models: - Power Mac 7200, 7215, 8200 - Workgroup Server 7250.

In its day, the Power Mac 7200 was Appleis best selling PCI Power Mac. It was once considered impossible to upgrade, but now has a new future due to Sonnetis findings. The new series of Cresdendo/7200 upgrades will boost performance up to thirteen times that of the original system. With the three speed options, 7200 owners can choose the configuration to best suit their budget and computing needs.

Encore G4 400/1M $349.95 (was $399.95)
Encore G4 500/1M $499.95 (was $699.95)

Sonnetis full line of Encore G3 and G4 cards are compatible with the following Macintosh models: - G3 All-in-one - G3 Blue & White - G3 Desktop - G3 Mini Tower - G3 Server - G4 Graphite.

Altivec Enabling Software
The Sonnet Crescendo G4 and Encore G4 upgrades ship with superior Altivec Enabling software, giving all applications access to the Altivec processing engine in the G4 processor. The Sonnet Enabler extends Altivec support to even MacsBug, which is an important distinction for software developers and sophisticated users.

Sonnet Metronome
Every Sonnet G3 and G4 upgrade includes the Metronome Profiler Utility software, giving users useful system performance information such as processor type, speed, temperature, bus speed, and cache size.

You can find more information about the upgrade cards at Sonnetis Web site.