Sonnet Products Find Their Way To Retail Shelves

With the recent demise of Mac upgrade maker Newer Technology, Sonnet Technologies has taken a major step towards establishing itself as the unquestioned leader in the upgrade market. Sonnet has penned a deal with Fry Electronics to sell certain Sonnet products at Fryis 17 retail outlets. According to Sonnet:

Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide market share leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh? computers, announces a new partnership with nationwide computer retail store chain, Fry?s Electronics. ?We are pleased that Fry?s Electronics, a top national retailer of Apple products, will now offer Sonnet cards to enhance its current line of Macintosh-related products,? states president, CEO and founder, Robert Farnsworth. The stores will initially be selling Sonnet Tempo Ultra ATA66 and Crescendo/PCI G3. Products are scheduled to be stocked at all locations by the first week of January 2001.

Founded in 1985 as a Silicon Valley retail electronics store, Fry?s Electronics operates 17 unique locations nationwide. There are currently 6 stores in Northern California and 6 stores in Southern California, 2 stores in Texas, 1 store in Oregon and 2 stores in Arizona. The stores provide a one-stop-shopping environment and have been keeping high-tech professionals supplied with products representing the latest technological trends and advances in the personal computer marketplace for almost 15 years. Fryis retails over 50,000 electronics items within each store, now totaling 17. The stores range in size from 50,000 to over 180,000 square feet.

Simply Fast
Sonnet products are guaranteed to operate reliably over variations of machine, time and temperature. All Sonnet Presto, Crescendo, Encore, Tempo, and Tango cards work in every compatible Macintosh without the need for the antiquated methods of configuration. The ability to move an upgrade card from one machine to another without the need to tweak any jumpers or control panels is a significant advantage to resellers and organizations that want to maximize their flexibility, while minimizing the long term technical support requirements. Sonnet cards have unequaled ease-of-installation and reliability, and are Simply Fast.

You can find more information on all of their products at the Sonnet web site.