Sonnet Shipping G3 iMac Upgrades

Sonnet Technologies is now shipping upgrade cards for iMac users. The Sonnet HARMONI G3 upgrade boost processing speeds of older G3 iMacs and features HARMONIis Firewire port compatibility. The all4DVD FireDrive Plus features an external drive with capacities of 80GB. According to Sonnet Technologies:

Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide leader in upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh® computers, announces a special iMac® enhancement bundle consisting of:

  • Sonnet HARMONi G3 500MHz/FireWire upgrade card
  • all4DVD FireDrivePlus 80GB External FireWire hard drive

Through this program, Sonnet and all4DVD provide early iMac users the opportunity to upgrade their machine with a fast 500MHz G3 processor and then take immediate advantage of the HARMONiis FireWire port.

The 80GB FireDrivePlus external FireWire hard drive is a sleek, portable design. This product incorporates a 7200 RPM with 2MB cache IBM hard drive and utilizes the latest Oxford 911 Chipset. The device is ideal for capturing, editing, and storing audio, video, and image files, and is 100% compatible with Sonnet HARMONi and the Rev. A-D iMacs using either OS 9 or OS X.

You can find more information about the iMac enhancement bundle at the Sonnet Technologies Web site. The bundle is available for US$499.00.