Sonnet Shipping New iPod FM Transmitter

Sonnet Technologies is now shipping the PodFreq for iPod users. The PodFreq is an iPod add-on device designed for transmitting FM frequencies. The device ships as a protective translucent shell with access to the iPod ports. According to Sonnet Technologies:

Sonnet Technologies, the worldwide leader in processor upgrade cards for Apple Macintosh® computers, announces the new PodFreq, a portable FM transmitter designed for serious music freaks with iPods (with dock connectors).

PodFreq easily tunes with any available FM frequency, and transmits music from the iPod with a very high-quality signal. The PodFreq is ideal for anyone wanting to listen to the music on their iPod through a FM car stereo, home sound system receiver, or any portable FM radio device.

The attractive and integrated design of the PodFreq encases the iPod in a durable, translucent shell, providing added protection to the iPod, while maintaining convenient access to the iPod controls and the headphone jack. PodFreq’s digital tuning enables the user to choose any frequency from 88.3 to 107.7MHz in 0.1MHz steps.

You can find more information about the PodFreq release at the Sonnet Technologies Web site. The PodFreq is available for US$99.95.