Sorenson Announces QuickTime Encoding For OS X

Sorenson Media has announced a product for QuickTime 5 encoding for Mac OS X, Sorenson Squeeze. Squeeze allows OS X users to create, encode, and deliver QuickTime 5 based content. According to Sorenson Media:

Sorenson Media today announced Sorenson Squeeze, the first VBR compression application for QuickTime 5 on Mac OS X. Squeeze exposes many of the advanced features of Sorenson Video 3 that were previously only available to users through Media 100is Cleaner(, a feature-rich sophisticated video compression tool for the professional user.

Compression tools are not intuitive or easy to use for the average user. Squeeze does not require in-depth knowledge of compression technology and provides a simple interface for intelligent audio and video compression. With Squeeze, anyone can affordably create high-quality media.

Sorenson Squeeze is built on Sorenson Mediais Automated Compression Engine (ACE). ACE is a middleware software engine that dramatically simplifies the task of compressing audio and video for both progressive download and streaming delivery. ACE is available for OEM licensing and allows third-party software developers to build high-quality streaming media products without having to understand the intricacies of audio and video compression.

Product Details and System Requirements

  • Two-Pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) and fast-pass VBR
  • Audio VBR for MP3 encoding
  • Batch processing for optimizing workflow
  • A/V filters
  • Intelligent presets for optimized data rates
  • Inputs include AVI, MOV and DV

The video encoders supported in Sorenson Squeeze include both Sorenson Video 3 and Sorenson MPEG 4. The audio encoders will include Qualcomm PureVoice, QDesign Music 2, Fraunhofer MP3, and IMA.

Sorenson Squeeze will be available later in 2001, and pricing has not yet been determined. You can find more information at the Sorenson Media Web site.