Sound Effects Plug-In Updated

The Sound Guy has updated SFX Machine, bringing it to version 1.55. SFX Machine is an audio effects plug-in designed for several apps including Premiere and Peak LE. The update features improved reliability and is optimized for G4s. According to The Sound Guy:

The Sound Guy has announced a bug-fix update and inventory clearance sale for SFX Machine, an award-winning Premiere-format audio effects plug-in for the Macintosh. SFX Machine offers advanced sound design capabilities with an easy-to-use multi-effects interface.

Version 1.55 offers improved reliability. SFX Machine is optimized for G4s and no longer uses key disk copy protection. In addition, version 1.5x offers improved audio quality over earlier releases.

You can find more information about the SFX Machine update at the SFX Machine Web site. SFX Machine 1.55 is available at the reduced price of US$25.00.