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Source Elements announced the immediate availability of Source-Connect Pro 2.5 on Friday. Source-Connect Pro creates audio connections between Digidesignis Pro Tools users anywhere in the world, allowing for remote audio editing and collaboration. The new version supports stereo bit-rates up to 320kbs, Multi Connect, Remote Transport Synchronization with overdub and review mode, VPN functionality for increased security, advanced control over bandwidth optimization and latency, and more.

Source-Connect 2.5, scheduled for release in February, keeps the core functionality of the Pro version, but is geared towards musicians and voice-over artists. It includes stereo bit-rates up to 192kbs, a simplified user interface, Remote Transport Synchronization with overdub mode and the ability to connect to Source-Connect Pro.

Source-Connect Pro 2.5 is priced at US$1,495, and Source-Connect 2.5 costs $395. The Source Elements Web site has not yet been updated with the new product information.

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