Space-Time Associates Releases Hang3000

Space-Time Associates has released a new game for Mac kids, Hang3000. Hang300 is a hangman styled word game designed to strengthen word abilities. The app features non-violent graphics and humorous word hints. According to Space-Time Associates:

en Winograd and Space-Time Associates announced today the release of a new Macintosh(tm) game called Hang3000. Hang3000 is a word-guessing game for the NEXT millennium.

Hang3000 features colorful, non-violent graphics, digitized sounds, synthesized speech, dozens of built-in word categories, thousands of words, unlimited lists of your own words, options especially designed for visually challenged users, hinting and more. Hang3000 is a Carbon Mac application, suitable for use on Mac OS9 and OSX.

You can find more information about the Hang3000 release at the Space-Time Associates Web site. Hang3000 is available for US$25.00.