Space Simulator 'Yexi' Released To Public

F. C. Covett has released a public trial version of Yexi for Mac gamers. Yexi is a sci-fi space strategy simulator designed for multi-player gaming. The game is based on Shockwave technology and features numerous tasks and management capabilities. According to F. C. Covett:

Yexi, the new multi-player RTS game developed by F. C. Covett is available to the public in a trial release. Yexi is a space simulator with many fun and exciting features.

This space-oriented real-time strategy simulator is being made with Macromediais Shockwave technology.

As a player, you can do some obvious tasks, as docking on starbases to refit your vessel and replenish main resources, and other not so obvious, such as orbiting sidereal objects, launching probes to gather the position of a cloaked vessel or being caught in the gravity well of a wormhole and wind up being sling-shot hundreds of light-years from home.

One of the unique features of this game is the use of the transporter to beam down away teams to seize planets, to rescue escape pods (yes, your crew abandons ship depending on the level of the life support system), and to transfer torpedoes, fuel, and cargo between vessels, planets, and starbases.

Issue orders to your crew, request reports, or take direct control of the bridge stations. In the multi-player mode, team up with your friends to save the fate of the galaxy in six unique scenarios.

You can find more information about the Yexi release at the Yexi Web site. Yexi is available as a limited preview for US$14.99 until the official release date.