Spaces: Screen Jumping

Leopardis Spaces feature is great because it adds Desktop space without requiring you to add extra monitors to your Mac, and it also lets you organize apps, documents, and other windows on specific virtual Desktops. Moving items from Desktop to Desktop is pretty easy, too, thanks to the handy Spaces F8 keyboard shortcut -- but there is an even easier way.

Spaces: Virtual Desktops

Instead of displaying all of your virtual Desktops and then moving items from space to space, you can jump items from one Desktop to another without first tapping the F8 key. Hereis how:

  • Just click and drag the item you want to move to the edge of your screen that is closest to the virtual Desktop you want to move the item to
  • Youill need to make sure that your mouse pointer makes it all the way to the edge of your display before you can initiate a jump.
  • Donit release the item until you jump Desktops.

Drag a window to the edge of one Desktop...

Since Spaces positions each virtual Desktop in relation to the other virtual Desktops you use, you can control which Desktop you jump to by picking a specific screen edge to drag an item to. For example, if you have four Spaces Desktops and want to move an item on Desktop number 1 to Desktop number 3 -- which is directly below Desktop 1 -- drag the item to the bottom of your display. Desktop 1 will slide up as desktop 3 slides into place. jump to the connecting Desktop.

If you want to learn more about using Leopardis Spaces feature, check out the Quick Tip on using Spaces with Expos?.

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