SpamSieve updated for Tiger

Shareware developer Michael Tsai has released SpamSieve 2.3.1, an update to his Bayesian spam filter for Mac e-mail clients.

The new version adds full Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger support and now works with Apple Mail.

Other new enhancements include a re-naming of the Apple Mail training commands to iTrain as Goodi and iTrain as Spami, iTrain as Spami is much faster in Apple Mail on 10.4 when there are multiple messages selected, a new SpamSieve Open Window command will appear in Apple Mail?is Message menu if SpamSieve?s Dock icon is hidden that will let the user quit SpamSieve or access its windows and settings while its menu bar is hidden, and iTrain as Goodi now moves spam messages out of Mail?s Spam folder, provided that SpamSieve had put them there.

SpamSieve retails for US$25.