Spamfire Updated With Revenge Features

Matterform has released an update for Spamfire, bringing it to version 1.3.2. Spamfire is a spam filtering app designed for the prevention of unwanted and pornographic email. The update features a Revenge Menu for destroying WebBugs. According to Spamfire:

Matterform Media announces the release of Spamfire version 1.3.2, featuring the new Revenge Menu.

Spamfire is the leading anti-spam utility for Macintosh, automatically removing unwanted email from any email account. The new Revenge Menu in version 1.3 lets spam-weary email users fight back in several ways, such as bouncing or reporting junk email. But Spamfireis most satisfying Revenge feature may be a command called "Bug the WebBugs," which lets spam victims turn the tables on unscrupulous spammers.

This new Spamfire command searches out and destroys virus-like email codes known as WebBugs, which many spammers include in their spam as a way to track spam delivery. Unwittingly opening or even previewing a WebBugged spam can silently send a confirmation message back to the spammer that verifies the email address of the recipient and encourages the spammer to send more spam.

Spamfire intercepts these WebBugs and sterilizes them, removing all code that can identify the recipient and replacing it with random gibberish text or any other user-selected message. Spamfire then launches a custom Web page full of sterilized WebBugs. The WebBugs are triggered repeatedly for as long as the Web page is open, sending the misinformation directly to the spammersi servers.

You can find more information about the Spamfire update at the Matterform Web site. Spamfire 1.3.2 is free for registered users, while the full version is available starting at US$29.00.