Special Deal On The Untouchable For Mac Gamers

We received a note from Travis Riggs of Creative Edge Studios stating that their game, The Untouchable, is now on sale for the unbelievably low price of $10. The Untouchable was developed for the Macintosh and then ported over to the PC, a very rare event in this day an age. The new price is a special offer for Mac Gamers that comes with a new publisher for the title. The new release includes the "behind the scenes" video featuring information regarding the making of the game, and has received high praise from the Macintosh gaming media.

For those of you who donit know about this game, The Untouchable is a photo-realistic head to head martial arts fighting game, in the classic style of Mortal Combat. Fight your way through ever increasingly difficult opponents as you strive to be the best of the best. The photo-realism is captured using digitized audio and video, lending the characters fluid movement in animation, as well as sporting a nifty sound track.

The game strays from the cliché of games like Mortal Combat by focusing more on the art of martial arts and less on the crazy magic and blood. A diverse range of martial arts styles are available, and you may choose your character from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The Features:

  • Smoothly animated video characters (controlled in real time)
  • Full screen sized characters (animated at a blazingly fast speed)
  • Original soundtrack featuring; Future Sound of London, Juno Reactor, Sister Machine Gun, Morel (who has done remixes for Tina Turner, Pet Shop Boys, Michael Jackson, and others), and a few other surprises!
  • Cinematic camera to follow the live video action
  • An astonishing array of characters and martial art styles.
  • Spectacular animation and many Hollywood-type effects

The game is only available for Mac through Creative Edge Studio, either by phone, fax, or snail-mail. Travis Riggs tells us that it is starting to show up on retail shelves as well. To order the game, go to www.theuntouchable.com and find any of the 3 alternative contacts to get your copy. (NOTE: do not attempt to purchase it through the Web siteis "order online" link. It is PC only.) Happy New Year!