Special Notebook Cases Will Ease Airport Security Hassles

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is close to a new policy that will allow notebook computers to remain inside some special types of cases as they go through airport X-ray machines. New cases are being developed by Targus and Skooba. The policy could go into into effect in a few months, according to TSA chief Kip Hawley.

Travelers would have to purchase the new "checkpoint-friendly" cases if they want to keep their notebook protected as it goes through the X-ray machine. The TSA is setting guidelines on how the case must be designed so that straps and accessories wonit block the view of X-ray screeners.

With the approved case design, travelers can lay the protected notebook directly on the conveyer belt. Targus, a California company, plans to supply the TSA with four prototypes in three our four months. "Heavy travelers will be the first adopters of this," said Targus marketing chief Al Giazzon.

The TSA is concerned that some travelers will try to use unapproved cases. As a result, they might obstruct the screeneris view resulting in a detailed search of the case and notebook computer and a greatly delayed security screening, the opposite of what the TSA is trying to achieve.