Speed Download Updated With Improved Plug-In Support

YazSoft has released an update for Speed Download, bringing it to version 1.9.6. Speed Download is a download management utility designed for optimizing and securing fast connection rates. The update features improved plug-in compatibility and .zip support. According to YazSoft:

Speed Download 1.9.6 is now ready for downloading.

We have once again fine tuned Speed Download to ensure optimal performance.

Speed Download is an extremely fast and powerful download manager for your Macintosh. Packed with a clean Macintosh interface and tons of valuable features, such as turbocharged downloading, resumeable downloads, URL management, scheduling, scripting, and much more, Speed Download becomes a very powerful and indispensable download manager.

Here’s is a list of what’s new:

  • Updated SD PLUGINS for better performance and compatibility
  • Improved support for .zip and .gz extensions
  • Several other internal enhancements

You can find more information about the Speed Download update at the YazSoft Web site. Speed Download is available for US$20.00.