Spiderweb Announces The November Sadness Sale

We donit often announce sales at The Mac Observer, but Spiderweb Software has such a good pitch, we thought you might like to see it too. The company has announced the "Spiderweb Software November Sadness Sale." Whose sadness? Spiderweb Softwareis. Why is the company sad? It seems that sales always plummet in November, hence the sale. From Spiderweb Software:

November is the saddest time of year at Spiderweb Software.

The Seattle weather is gray, cold, and moist. This should make us happy, since it makes all of the outdoors feel like the basement in which we write our games. The holiday season is coming, with promises of Thanksgiving turkey and eating all of the Halloween candy we meant to give to the kids. We should be in a great mood.

But weire not. Why? Because our sales always hit the floor in November. We have no idea why this happens. But it does, every year, like clockwork. And we need to do something to cheer ourselves up.

And whatis more fun than a sale?

For the month of November, all of our award-winning games are ten percent off. All of the Avernum games. Nethergate. The Exile series. Homeland, Lost Souls, and Ocean Bound. All on the cheap.

So come on over and grab one of our free demos. Never before has being kept up until 4 AM every night been so reasonably priced.

Oh, and this offer isnit valid with any other offers or discounts. Be nice to us.

You can find more information on the sale at Spiderweb Softwareis Web site. You can find more information on the companyis games there as well.