Spiderweb Software Announce New Space Strategy Game For The Mac

This is a good day for Mac gaming. In addition to new titles from MacPlay, Spiderweb Software has announced a new space strategy game called Galactic Core. Set to be released by the end of this year (possibly sooner). From Spiderweb Software:

Spiderweb Software and Chromite Software, the makers of Lost Souls and Ocean Bound, announce the upcoming release of Galactic Core, a game of exploration, strategy and carnage in the depths of space.

You play one of six unique species locked in lethal warfare. Hop from planet to planet, colonizing the new worlds, creating new fleets, and attempting to overwhelm the enemy. Decide what to research, how to exploit the resources of your worlds, and what to build. Choose between huge warships and unusual strategic vessels, like planet killers or holographic vessels.

Galactic Core comes with six campaigns, designed to provide many hours of challenge and torment. When you have completed them, however, the game is far from done. Use the campaign editor to make your own scenarios, and download new ones off the net. You can have Galactic Core create a random level for you to conquer.

You can even take the battle to your friends! Galactic Core features play by E-mail. Meet new opponents on the Spiderweb Software message boards and fight them from afar.

Galactic Core is an exciting and fast-moving game of exploration and conquest, designed to be easily learned to the novice player. Donit worry about wading through unending rules. Just get out there and seize the galaxy!

Galactic Core will be available for Macintosh in Winter, 2001. Minimum system requirements: PowerPC (150 MHz or higher recommended), MacOS version 8.0 or higher, 24MB free RAM, 18MB disk space, 640 by 480 monitor displaying thousands of colors (800 by 600 recommended).

You can find more information on Galactic Core at Spiderweb Softwareis Web site. The game is priced at US$15. Galactic Core is not Carbonized, but Spiderweb Software expects that it will work within the Classic environment in Mac OS X. As we said above, "Winter 2001" is actually being defined as "by the end of the year."