Spiny Releases Xbench 1.0

Spiny has released a new app for Mac users, Xbench 1.0. Xbench is a benchmarking utility designed for speed comparison and optimizations. The app ships an accompanied Web site for graphical comparison and improved detection features. According to Spiny:

After a long period of beta testing, Spiny has released Xbench 1.0, a comprehensive Macintosh benchmarking utility.

Hereis whatis new:

  • first non-beta release
  • added "Model" detection
  • added CPU Version detection
  • made cache reporting more reliable on upgraded machines
  • made processor type detection more reliable on upgraded machines
  • corrected a crash while gathering cache information
  • improved video card detection on a variety of machines
  • fixed detection of dual processors
  • fixed a problem causing the UI test to display progressively lower results each time it was run
  • added progress sheet for results submission
  • fixed a potential crash while submitting

You can find more information about the Xbench release at the Spiny Web site. Xbench is available as donationware.