Spreadsheet App Coming Soon

Material Arts is pre-announcing the release of FlexiSheet. FlexiSheet is a spreadsheet app designed to allow users to reorganize rows and columns on the fly. According to Material Arts:

Material Arts founder Stefan Leuker today pre-announced FlexiSheet, a multi-dimensional spreadsheet application, which will be released as a Technology Preview in October 2001.

FlexiSheet follows in the big footsteps of such great applications as Lotus Improv and Lighthouse Designis Quantrix. Taking an object oriented approach to tables and data, it allows the user to reorganize rows and columns on the fly, without losing data. FlexiSheetis user interface was designed from scratch to adhere to Appleis Aqua guidelines and makes number crunching really easy and enjoyable. FlexiSheet is only available for Mac OS X, Appleis next generation operating system.

You can find more information about FlexiSheet and the release date at the Material Arts Website. FlexiSheet will be available in the future.