Spring Cleaning Adds Mac OS X Support

Aladdin Systems has updated their system management and uninstaller utility, Spring Cleaning, to version 4.0.1. The latest version adds complete support for Mac OS X. The program allows users to remove unneeded or unwanted files from their hard drive while also providing a complete solution for uninstalling applications. According to Aladdin:

Aladdin Systems today announced Spring Cleaning 4.0.1 Japanese is now shipping. Spring Cleaning, the leading uninstaller for the Macintosh, provides Japanese customers with 15 powerful cleaning utilities to help users safely and easily remove hard drive and Internet clutter to reclaim disk space and increase their Macis performance.Completely redesigned for compatibility with Appleis new operating system Mac OS X, Spring Cleaning 4.0.1 Japanese offers two new features just for Mac OS X users: QuickCompare and AccessMonitor.The new version also expands its arsenal of Internet cleanup tools with CookieEditor and Mail Cleaner, plus offers two unique user interfaces - Standard and Advanced Modes - to provide users of all levels faster and safer cleaning. In addition, Spring Cleaning 4.0.1 ships with iClean, a stand-alone, desktop cleaning tool, that cleans out Internet cookies, cache, and history files; reattaches aliases; and empties the Trash.

Completely redesigned for Mac OS X, Spring Cleaning 4.0.1 takes advantage of many features of the new OS.

  • CookieEditor, also available in iClean, allows users to save disk space and protect their privacy by deleting the Internet cookies they donit want and keeping those they do.
  • Mail Cleaner finds unwanted and duplicate attachments hidden unknowingly by usersi email programs.
  • AccessMonitor, developed specifically for Mac OS X users, provides a quick and easy way for users to find files by their last access date, so they can later decide whether the files are still important to keep
  • QuickCompare, also just for Mac OS X, displays the differences between similar files, giving users an easy way to identify which files should be removed.
  • Standard and Advanced Modes are two new user interfaces offering different levels of cleaning. Standard Mode helps guide users by categorizing searches via cleaning tasks: Cleanup, Maintenance, Organize, and Internet. Advanced Mode provides access to all of Spring Cleaningis searches, giving an experienced user greater cleaning flexibility.


  • iClean, a stand-alone, desktop cleaning tool, cleans out Internet cookies, cache, and history files; reattaches aliases; and empties the Trash.
  • Fifteen powerful cleaning utilities scour a useris hard drive to completely remove old and unwanted applications; files; folders; fonts; Internet clutter; orphaned aliases; damaged files; and more.
  • Restore allows users to reverse actions and restore items to their previous location.

Spring Cleaning is available for US$49.95. You can find more information at the Aladdin Systems Web site.