Sprint Certifies Apple Solutions For PCS Vision

Apple and Sprint today jointly announced today that Appleis Xserve G5 and QuickTime have been certified as mobile multimedia delivery platforms for Sprintis new PCS Vision Multimedia Services. The technology is available to customers using recently announced Sprint Vision Multimedia Services.

"Sprint is the market leader in mobile video services in the US," said Jeff Hallock, Sprintis vice president of Product Marketing and Strategy in a statement. "We are excited to certify Apple?s world-class mobile multimedia platform and make it available to our professional content providers."

"We are thrilled to work closely with Sprint on next generation mobile media services," added Appleis Phil Schiller, vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing.

Sprintis PCS Vision Multimedia Service offers streaming video and audio content anywhere on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network from familiar sources such as CNN, NBC Universal, FOX Sports, The Weather Channel, E! Entertainment, mFlix, Twentieth Century Fox, AccuWeather and 1KTV. In addition, Sprint?s PCS Video Messaging Service enables customers to easily capture, view and store 15-second video clips by using QuickTime as the exclusive desktop player.

Apple has recently made significant strides adapting QuickTime for mobile use, adding 3GPP and 3GPP2 support with QuickTime 6.5. The two standards are designed to provide uniform delivery of rich multimedia over broadband (3G) mobile networks.