Spyder Calibrator Bundled With Flat Panel Display

Formac has announced a partnership with Pantone and ColorVision, that bundles the Spyder monitor calibrator with the Formac gallery 1740 flat panel display. The Spyder monitor calibrator is designed for print production professionals and graphic designers involved in critical color applications. According to Formac:

Formac, Pantone and ColorVision today announce a special promotion that bundles the Spyder™, the
award-winning monitor calibrator from the PANTONE® COLORVISION™ product line, with the Formac gallery™ 1740, the world’s first color-accurate flat panel display.

Combining Formac’s long-standing experience in graphics and display solutions with PANTONE and ColorVision’s lead in digital color technology the bundle offers an exceptional value for professionals working in color-critical applications.

You can find more information about the Formac gallery 1740 and Spyder bundle at the Formac Web site. The Formac gallery is available for US$1,149.00.