Squeeze That Video Through Low-Bandwidth Juicers

Sorenson Media has released two video compression apps, Sorenson Squeeze and Sorenson Video 3.1. Sorenson Squeeze is a compression app designed for streaming video and progressive downloads. Sorenson Video is a compression app is designed for Web sites that require video segments at low-bandwidth. According to Sorenson Media:

Sorenson Media(tm), the leader in video compression and high-quality Web streaming services, announced today the availability of Sorenson Squeeze(tm) and Sorenson Video(tm) 3.1. Sorenson
Squeeze is the first variable bit rate (VBR) compression application for QuickTime 5 on Mac OS X. Sorenson Video 3.1 provides (over 3.0) Mac OS X compatibility, as well as multiprocessor support and one-pass VBR compression.

Sorenson Squeeze allows users to create, encode, and deliver high-quality QuickTime(r) movies for streaming and progressive downloads. For beginners, its drag-and-drop interface makes intelligent compression of audio and video media as simple as selecting a data rate. Squeeze also offers many of the advanced features that professional multimedia producers demand.

Sorenson Video 3.1 is a QuickTime compatible video codec designed for developers of applications or Web sites that require compressed video segments. It is the industry standard for high-quality video compression at low-bandwidth delivery. Sorenson Video 3.1 delivers twice the compression speed as Sorenson Video 2 and three times the speed when using VBR compression.

You can find more information about Sorenson Squeeze and Sorenson Video 3.1 at the Sorenson Media Web site. Sorenson Squeeze is available for US$149.00 and Sorenson Media is available for US$499.00. Both apps can be purchased together as a special promo for US$499.00.