SquidCam Update Fixes Bugs, Adds New Playback features

How many times have you sat back from a hard day of Jaguar mousing and said, "Gee, OS X is cool but it could sure use a video conferencing package?" If you havenit tried SquidCam then now may be just the right time. Ideas From the Deep and SquidSoft has just released an update to their video conferencing software, SquidCam. The update adds some new features. Ideas From the Deep and SquidSoft have this to say:

Ideas From the Deep and SquidSoft released the SquidCam v1.1.1 update that corrects some minor issues and adds a few new features. SquidCam is a video and audio conferencing application for Mac OS X enabling you to have a conversation with one or more people using SquidCam over a network (LAN and/or Internet) connection. SquidCam features audio and video connectivity, as well as text messaging and an answering machine, all without the need of a special service.

Changes in this version:

  • Added two audio codecs (µLaw and aLaw)
  • Addressed potential audio input issues
  • Significantly improved VAM playback and recording
    • Reduced memory usage
    • Playback is three times faster than previous version
    • Better text insertion timing mechanism
  • Added iadvancedi options for VAM playback
    • Audio codec and quality settings
    • Video codec, quality, and resolution settings
  • Improved VAM playback message recording facilities
    • Better compression (smaller file size) for playback message
    • Increased allowable framerate for recording
    • Added camera management option
  • Added dialog allowing user to change communications ports on-the-fly
  • Added WAN server options in the iServeri pane
  • Fixed potential crash bug with network listener
  • Updated documentation

SquidCam v1.1.1 is fully backward compatible with v1.1. This includes the new audio codec support found in v1.1.1.

You can find more information on SquidCam at the SquidSoft Web site.