SquidCam Video Conferencing App Released

Ideas From the Deep and SquidSoft have released a new app for Mac users, SquidCam 1.0. SquidCam is a broadband video conferencing app desiged as an alternative to service based conferencing. The app ships with support for multiple connections depending on bandwidth and other features. According to Ideas From the Deep and SquidSoft:

Ideas From the Deep and SquidSoft today announced the release of SquidCam v1.0, a new videoconferencing application for Mac OS X.

SquidCam is a video chat application intended for use with broadband connections. It enables you to have a conversation with one or more people using SquidCam over a network (LAN and/or Internet) connection. SquidCam features audio and video connectivity, as well as text messaging, all without the need of a special service.

Feature highlights include:

  • A convenient, hands-free audio setup
  • Extremely low latency compared to other video and VoIP applications
  • No user limits: converse with as many people as your connection can handle
  • LANcast mode for multi-person conferences over a local network
  • Compatibility with hundreds of audio and video input device
  • Audio output device selection: chat using a headset while playing iTunes through your speakers
  • Text messaging (ie, Chat)
  • Your gateway to free long distance: pay the registration fee and youire all set!
  • No advertisements, no monthly service fees, no hassle

You can find more information about the SquidCam release at the SquidSoft Web site. SquidCam 1.0 is available for US$25.00.