St. Claire Shipping New Safari History Search Utility

St. Clair Software has released a new app for Mac users, HistoryHound. HistoryHound is a browser utility designed for simplified Safari history searching. The app features hotkey support and multiple search functions. According to St. Clair Software:

St. Clair Software is happy to announce the release of HistoryHound, a totally new way to manage your history and bookmarks.

Have you ever tried to find something in your Safari history or bookmarks, but couldnit quite remember when or where you saw it? Or perhaps youive got your bookmarks meticulously organized, but it takes forever to mouse through the menus to get to something you want? HistoryHound will chase down the page for you - fast!

HistoryHound provides an intuitive interface that finds what youire looking for, then gets out of your way. HistoryHound lets you:

  • Choose your weapon: You can use HistoryHoundis full search window with relevance, sorting, and result preview, or choose a minimalist search palette where you enter search terms and get a quick popup list of results
  • Be as simple or as complicated as you like: Search for pages containing any or all of your search terms, or use more sophisticated boolean or include/exclude searches
  • Call on HistoryHound with a keystroke: A hot key brings the search window to the front when you need it. It finds your page then hides itself in the background
  • Donit suffer memory loss: Unlike Safari, HistoryHound will remember pages for as long as you like, so you can find that recipe you forgot to bookmark sometime last month

You can find more information about the HistoryHound release at the St. Clair Software Web site. HistoryHound is available for US$19.95.