Stanford University Needs Mac Programmer for Project Similar to SETI at Home

Stanford University has a "Folding@Home" project that is similar in nature to the popular "SETI@Home" project, which use the collected power of thousands of home computers to replace expensive super computers. The Mac Observer has the #15 Club Team in the SETI@home project, and if you are interested in participating, check out our Team Mac Observer home page.

The project is about understanding how proteins in our body works, and it is going well, but the problem is that there is no software to let Mac users help. They need a programmer to make that software, and estimate that it would be a rather small job with help from the University.

Here is a quote from the Stanford site:

    Understanding how proteins self-assemble ("protein folding") is a holy grail of modern molecular biophysics. What makes it such a great challenge is its complexity, which renders simulations of folding extremely computationally demanding and difficult to understand. [...]

    Our group has developed a new way to simulate protein folding ("distributed dynamics") which should remove the previous barriers to simulating protein folding. However, this method is extremely computationally demanding and we need your help.

Interested programmers can find more information at the projectis Web site.