Stargazers Delighted With Improved Aqua Interface

Ruedi Schmid has released an update for Stargazeris Delight, bringing it to version 6.2. Stargazeris Delight is a desktop planetarium featuring deep-sky objects and asteroids. The update ships with an enhanced Aqua interface and bug fixes. According to Ruedi Schmid:

Ruedi Schmid, the developer of Stargazeris Delight, the astronomical desktop planetarium for Macintosh, announces the release of the new version 6.2 for Mac OS 8/9 and OS X.

Stargazeris Delight, a fully featured desktop planetarium and sky simulator, is a comprehensive and entertaining guide to the heavens for first time stargazers as well as ambitious hobby astronomers.

It offers views of the sky for any date and for any location on Earth. You can see all the stars up to magnitude 10 (over 260,000 stars), the Sun, the Moon, the planets, the brightest asteroids and hundreds of deep-sky objects such as galaxies, clusters and nebulas.

Specific changes in version 6.2:

  • New interface for most of the windows and dialogs. Better OS X and Aqua compatibility
  • Lots of small improvements like a new table in iMagnitude limitsi, calculations of the local time in iDate and Locationi, new OS X icons, custom telescope views and many more
  • Fixed a crashing bug in iSet Datei in iEcliptic Positions of Planetsi
  • Fixed a bug that would not draw star names and other labels correctly under OS X Jaguar
  • Fixed a lot of minor issues and incompatibilities

You can find more information about Stargazeris Delight update at the Stargazer Software Web site. Stargazeris Delight 6.2 is available for US$29.00.