Stephen King: "I'm Thankful for iTunes"

Stephen King says that he is thankful for iTunes. The world-famous author listed iTunes among the many things he is thankful for in a column for Entertainment Weekly (EW). After mentioning his thankfulness for Tom Waitsi newest album, Real Gone (US$9.99 - iTunes) Mr. King said simply: "Come to think of it, Iim thankful for iTunes." From that column.

The last time I monopolized this space at the back of the magazine, I wrote about pet peeves and petty annoyances, but now itis the Thanksgiving season, and time to turn the flip side. I can usually find about five things that cheer me up for every one that pisses me off, and I think thatis as good a recipe for happiness as any. Family, friends, work, peace of mind...those are the biggies that almost go without saying (although they probably shouldnit). But here, very briefly, are some fish from the popular-culture stream for which Iim grateful right now.

Other things on his list? ABCis TV show Lost, Foxis 24, Jack Ketchumis novel Off Season: The Unexpurgated Edition, soap opera All My Children, Web site Filthy Critic [link fixed] and several more.

You can read Mr. Kingis full list, including full explanations for the items we mentioned, at EWis Web site.