Steve Jobs Declines $65K Disney Board Salary

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has declined the US$65,000 annual salary Disney gives its board members, according to an Associated Press reporter who cited a Friday SEC filing by the company. Mr. Jobs likely doesnit have to worry, however: after Disney bought Pixar in May, he became its largest shareholder with 138 million shares that were valued at $3.9 billion when the sale closed.

As the AP story noted, Mr. Jobs typically declines full salaries. He officially earns $1 per year as Appleis CEO, and during his tenure running Pixar, the animation studio paid him $52 annually. However, he does have stock to rely on at Apple too, and in 2001 the company gave him a Gulfstream V jet valued at $43.5 million.

Thanks to Macworld UK for the link.