Steve Jobs Declines RealNetworks' FairPlay Licensing Offer

Rob Glaser, CEO of RealNetworks, wanted to talk to Steve Jobs about an online music alliance, but Steve Jobs would have none of it, according to an article at CBS Marketwatch. The New York Times reported yesterday that Mr. Glaser was looking to license Appleis FairPlay DRM scheme for use in Realis own digital music download service. In exchange, Real Networks would have made the iPod the primary music player on its own download services. CBS Marketwatch is reporting that Real executives have said that Mr. Jobs rebuffed the offer, even refusing to meet with Mr. Glaser. From CBS Marketwatch:

Seattle-based RealNetworks said Thursday that Apple chairman Steve Jobs had rebuffed an offer by RealNetworksi chief executive Rob Glaser to meet and discuss forming an online music alliance involving Appleis best-selling iPod portable players.

"Heis in the neighborhood, but whatever meeting Rob wanted with Steve isnit happening," RealNetworks spokesman Greg Chiemingo said Thursday. "Steve just doesnit want to open the iPod, and we donit understand that."

Executives at Cupertino-based Apple declined to comment.

Thereis more information in full article at CBS Marketwatch.