Steve Jobs Finalist for CBS Marketwatch CEO of the Year

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was on the short list for CBS Marketwatchis CEO of the Year, though he lost out in the end to Legg Mason CEO Raymond Mason.

The financial publication has published a look at Mr. Jobs successes at both Apple and Pixar during the last year, with the emphasis being on how he made "Apple relevant again with [the] iPodis success." The article looks at Appleis success with the iPod, its potential with the Mac, and some of the other financial issues at play that have made Appleis stock skyrocket in the last 12 months. From the article:

On Oct. 26, the California Theatre in San Jose played to a packed house after recently undergoing a $75 million renovation to restore its 77-year-old art-deco splendor. Rows near the stage were set aside for VIPs. A warm murmuring like that often heard before an opera seasonis opening night rose from the 1,100 seats.

The man everyone was there to see was no less an icon, and represented no less a resurrection than the theater itself: Apple Computer Chief Executive Steve Jobs. As he took the stage, Jobs had many reasons to be upbeat. In the past year, his company cemented its hammerlock on the digital-music player market with the iPod and the iTunes online music store.

There is much more in the full, two-page article. While there isnit anything new in the article, those wanting to see a snapshot of whatis been happening at 1 Infinite Loop during the last year will find it interesting.