Steve Jobs Knocks Michael Eisner, Disney Films

The LA Times reports that Apple Computer, Inc. and Pixar Animation Studios CEO Steve Jobs has shot back at Walt Disney Co. CEO Michael Eisner. Mr. Eisner had said Pixaris animated characters were "pretty pathetic" compared to those under development for Disneyis upcoming film "Rapunzel Unbraided."

In response, Mr. Jobs said sarcastically: "Our films donit stack up to iAtlantis,i iEmperoris New Groovei or iTreasure Planet.i" Those films were all created in-house at Disney, and were box office flops. Mr. Jobs also called Mr. Eisner a "loose cannon."

The comments came during Pixaris fourth-quarter financials conference call, during which Mr. Jobs insisted, both directly and indirectly, that Pixar was prepared to pursue distribution options that did not include Disney. Pixaris final feature film release with Disney, "Cars," is slated for the spring of 2006. The companyis previous films have all been extremely successful at the box office, and include both "Toy Story" films, "Monsters, Inc.," "Finding Nemo," and "The Incredibles."