Steve Jobs Makes It On "Win Ben Stein's Money"

While watching the trivia/knowledge game "Win Ben Steinis Money" on Comedy Central last night, we were pleasantly surprised to find Steve Jobs the answer to one of the questions. Ben Stein first achieved popularity when playing the part of a teacher in Ferris Beulleris Day Off. "Beuller? Beuller? Anyone?" Yeah, thatis him.

Mr. Steinis game show on Comedy Central pits him against three players who win money for beating Ben to the buzzer with the correct answer to a variety of questions. That money comes from a pool of US$5000 that ostensibly belongs to Mr. Stein, hence the name of the show. The final round is comprised of a Best Of Ten round between Ben and the final contestant. If the contestant beats Mr. Stein, he gets the balance of whatever is left of the US$5000, otherwise Ben gets to keep what is left. If they tie, you would think that they would split the balance, but instead the contestant wins an extra US$1000. Itis quite fun.

In last nightis episode, one of the questions in the final round was "Who is the CEO of Pixar?" The contestant missed it while Mr. Stein correctly said "Uh.... Oh. Jobs."

You can find more information on the show at Comedy Centralis Web site. You can register to be a contestant at