Steve Jobs One Of America's Best Dressed Billionaires

When you think about fashion and billionaires, as we are sure you are constantly doing, you probably often wonder who the best and worst dressed of the billionaire club is, right? Well, we know we do, and fortunately Forbes has run a piece aptly titled "Americais Best- And Worst-Dressed Billionaires." Forbes went to that font of fashion criticism, Joan and Melissa Rivers, in order to compile an accurate list of the best and worst dressed in this, Forbesi second annual such list. Why are we telling you this? Because two people who are polar opposites when it comes to fashion, but often in TMOis headlines nonetheless, made the list, and we are talking about Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Apple CEO Steve Jobs. From the short Forbes article:

Who looks great? Donald Trump , Joan Rivers coos, "always dresses for success. He always looks powerful." Melissa Rivers likes that Steven s is "one of the few creative men in Hollywood who wears a tie. You know that heis got business sense as well as creativity." Among the others receiving kudos: Oracle is Larry Ellison and Apple Computer is Steve Jobs .

Thereis more in the full article at Forbes Magazine: