Steve Jobs' Pixar Releases Cartoon 'Shorts' Online

When you go to see Pixaris "Monsters, Inc." this weekend -- you ARE going to see "Monsters, Inc." this weekend, right? -- you will be treated to "For the Birds," a cartoon "short" the animation studio includes as a "warm-up act" to its feature-length movie.

We wonit spoil the plot for you, but we will say that this short is as entertaining as the feature presentation.

Now, before you head to the movies, you may want to treat yourself to on-line versions of "For the Birds," as well as the other shorts Pixar has released over the years. The fine folks at Steve Jobsi "other company" have been kind enough to upload these films, as well as information on the companyis film-making process and animation technologies (most notably, Pixaris "Renderman" technology).

While youire there, you may also want to read the companyis impressive history, chronicling its humble beginnings to its recent ascent to greatness.