Steve Jobs Talks Beatles, iPod Pricing, Competition with Newsweek

Newsweek has published a short interview with Apple CEO Steve Jobs today taken during Mr. Jobsi publicity rounds from last weekis introduction of iTunes 4.1 and iTunes for Windows. The interview covers such issues as iPod pricing (including an interesting exchange over Appleis policy on pricing), the lawsuit against Apple from The Beatleis record label (Apple Corps), and competition in the music download business. From the interview:

With Windows and Pepsi, youire aiming toward a mass market in downloading. But the iPod is premium-priced.
Itis the No. 1 player in the world.

Still, US$300 to US$500 is an obstacle to a lot of people.
No, of course I donit think itis too costly. Fifty million homes have DVD players that cost that kind of money. For music lovers, I donit think itis a hurdle at all. There are sneakers that cost more than an iPod.

Some think you wouldnit want to sell a US$100 iPod because the profit margin would be so low.
What are you talking about? Weid love to have a $100 iPod! We just donit know how to do it right now. Weire constantly trying to make cheaper iPods. Weire working on the next step.

In the interview, Mr. Jobs also laments the lawsuit from the The Beatles, calling it "no big deal." Mr. Jobs says he loves The Beatles, and that he would "do anything for those guys." Thereis more in the full article, and we recommend it as a very interesting read.