Steve Jobs To Do Stem Cell Research? Not Quite

Hereis a bit that might interest you; in a Reuters News article about the need for an innovative approach to stem cell research, Ian Wilmut, chairman of a conference that discusses such matters, is quoted to say, "I think this technology needs a Steve Jobs."

The article, titled US Falling Behind in Stem Cell Research: Scientist, lamented that investor capital and other kinds of funding is hard to come by and that is slowing the research into cures for such diseases as Parkinsonis and Alzheimeris. Mr. Wilmutis statement was in reference to his belief that stem cell research is close to bearing fruit. From the article:

Conference chairman Ian Wilmut agreed that much of the still-needed early work has to be done in universities, with government funding. But, the technology is also not far from being bankable, added Wilmut, who led the team that created the worldis first cloned animal, Dolly.

Large companies need visionaries to see stem cellsi promise, and to put their money up, he said.

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