Steve Jobs Vs. Bill Gates On GoogleFight - Bill's In The Lead

We have TMO forum mod CrazyOne to blame for this, but thereis a dandy little Web site that offers a grand opportunity to waste some time. A sight called GoogleFight allows you to enter two search terms and see how many search results each of them returns on Google. For instance, if you enter the terms "Steve Jobs," and "Bill Gates," you get the following results.

Clearly Bill Gates gets mentioned throughout the Internet far more often than Appleis charismatic leader, but how about something on more of a tangent?

Microsoftis insipid phrase "Trustworthy Computing" has only been around for about a year, but it too has been mentioned far more often than Steve Jobsi infamous "Reality Distortion Field," a concept that has been around since before the Mac was released. Perhaps it is Microsoft that has the true reality distortion field to get some many lemmings to buy into the idea of "trustworthy computing" from Windows.

GoogleFight is a very entertaining site, but if you end up wasting an hour or two doing lookups, blame CrazyOne. We do. (Just kidding, CO!) Just remember to include quotes around your search terms if you want the most accurate results. In the meanwhile, we offer a Mac Observer Salute to the creators of GoogleFight!

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