Steve Wozniak Autographed Apple ][ On eBay: Proceeds To Benefit High School

Observer Thomas Schroeder alerted us to a cool auction on eBay of a Steve Wozniak autographed Apple ][. According to the seller, the computer is operational, includes a monitor and necessary cables, but the real jewel is the autograph from The Woz. Posted in the auction is a photograph of The Woz signing the computer. The proceeds are to benefit the Los Gatos High School Science Department. According to the auction:

Operational Apple II computer, signed by the inventor, Steve Wozniak. Proceeds will be used to purchase new computer equipment for the Los Gatos High School Science Department. The successful bidder must be able to pick up the computer from Los Gatos High School or pay up to 50$ shipping and handling. These computers have been in use at the high school for over 14 years but are in good working order. A monitor and disk drive plus cables are included.

As of this writing, the price is at its starting point of US$300 with no bids.