Stick Software Releases Trisection 1.0

Stick Software, maker of such OS X applications as Eyeballs, Fracture, and Bigfoot, has released a new puzzle game called Trisection. The game is similar to the classic game of Tetris in that the player must decide where to place pieces as the fall into a well. Unlike Tetris, however, the pieces are made of equilateral triangles instead of square. In addition, the emphasis is on grouping like-colored triangles instead of completing solid lines. From Stick Software:

Stick Software announced the release of Trisection, a new puzzle game for Mac OS X. Trisection follows in the grand tradition of Tetris, involving fitting falling pieces into an existing matrix. But in Trisection, youire matching up colors, not just completing rows. And unlike the square blocks of Tetris, Trisection uses a triangular grid and pieces, making it a much more interesting puzzle. Itis a very different challenge, and with more than a dozen levels, lots of different Aqua-style rendered pieces, great sound effects, not one but two soundtracks, and beautiful background photos, we think itis a winner.

Trisection joins Stick Software products such as Eyeballs, Fracture, BigFoot, Measles, and Issa in making OS X more fun. It is shareware, with a price of only $15, and itis free to try.

"Itis great to be doing a game again; itis been so many years since I did Solarian II and Lunatic Fringe," explained Ben Haller, founder and chief programmer of Stick Software. "Trisection is my first puzzle game, and I think itis a really cool concept. Iive had trouble getting myself to stop playing it long enough to actually work on it, which is always a good sign that a game is truly addictive."

Trisection 1.0 is available now as $15 shareware. You can get more information about this and other software at Stick Softwareis Web site.